Board of Directors

Historic Deepwood Estate is operated by the Friends of Deepwood, a nonprofit organization.  Our members must renew their membership annually and are represented by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is charged with maintaining the home and gardens as stated in the FOD bylaws which were created in 1974 and updated in 2010.  The FOD Board meets at least monthly as well as periodically for planning committees of various aspects of Deepwood.  Currently, the Board is made up of nine committed volunteers who bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise to the benefit of the sustainability of Historic Deepwood Estate.


Our Board of Directors

Cassandra Ferder President
Current Term: 01/2011 – 01/2017

Jim Butte Vice President
Current Term: 02/2011 – 02/2016

Kelley Parosa Secretary/Treasurer
Current Term: 09/2013 – 09/2016

Jim Hanson
Current Term: 09/2010 – 01/2016

Jason Johnson
Current Term: 04/2011 – 06/2016

Monica Nicholas
Current Term: 02/2011 – 06/2016

Kim Grewe-Powell
Current Term: 01/2014 – 01/2016

Katie Banz
Current Term: 02/2014 – 06/2016

Linda Garcia
Current Term: 08/2014 – 08/2016

Georgia Watson
Non-Voting Deepwood Gardener’s Designee

Board Updates

Letter from the Board - Member Update - Summer 2014


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