Make History Happen

History: an account of things said and done in the past. Each of us has a history—an account of where we came from and how we got to be who we are. In addition, each community has a history of how it became what it is today.

When people become involved with their community’s history, they begin to see themselves as connected to others—as a family, as a group with common interests or as a group defined by ethnicity, religion, work or play. The result is a sense of belonging, community pride, direction and meaning.

Preserving physical traces of history is vital to our ability to enjoy history’s gifts of community connection through recollection of the past. Memories and the traditions, documents, images, artifacts, buildings, and landscapes that survive, fade and eventually fail us. Deepwood helps preserve and tell the stories of the past connecting us with our community.The future of the past depends upon individuals and the community. It takes time and money to preserve and restore the Deepwood house and its surrounding gardens. We care for the artifact collections, reach out and work with individuals, classrooms, and organizations to tell the stories of our community.

Won’t you consider an end-of-year gift to the Friends of Deepwood and Make History Happen campaign? Historic Deepwood Estate is managed by The Friends of Deepwood, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations can be sent by mail, charged by phone or completed online using Paypal. Questions or prefer to speak to a person? Call us at (503) 363-1825.


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